15 12 2013


The storm has started mid afternoon, the forecast is for 10 inches or more, then freeing rain and sleet.  I would rather it stay cold and to have more snow.  I worked outside this afternoon till I couldn’t feel my fingers.  Charlie helped me move three bales of hay to put in front  of the kitchen as that is where the pipes always freeze.  I left a place for Cornelius but I think he has moved inside the barn  I haven’t seen him in a while but its been very cold so he is probably cuddled up somewhere.


I shut the sheep in the barn tonight and gave them some grain, they won’t like staying in the barn but tomorrow morning I will let them out.  The chickens are huddled together for warmth and today they had extra rations of corn.


I Stopped at FUNK SHUN today to bring a few more things down and stopped  by the Salvation Army on my way there.  I found this beautiful hand painted tray for $.79.  What a bargain and it’s just the kind of thing that I love




I am still working on the bag of crochet pieces and handkerchiefs that I got from Carol.  I saw a project in a magazine some months ago that sewed some together and used them on the dining room able with flowers on it.  It looked like a good idea so I am trying it.  I appreciate all the work that went into these.  In one of the few closets in this house I have a box of crocheted doilies that my Grandmother made, I will have to get on with that sometime soon


.Many thanks for reading my blog on this snowy evening and I hope you have a wonderful evening.    Carole

funk shun