18 03 2015


The March winds have been howling for many hours now.  And this morning the top of my favorite tree came tumbling down.  The tree was not in good shape but was a gathering and nesting place for many birds.  It sheltered my chickens from hot summer days, and gave me enormous amounts of smallish pinecones.  It will all have to come down   It saddens me and I will miss it.  I will plant some hemlocks closeby in the spring.




Trees give us so much, its hard to believe how much they mean to us till they are gone.  I don’t know if my poor apple tree  survived the fall and will only know when the tree is cut up.  Hope so as it took a beating from the people who did the cement work on the house and has come back with tender loving care.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this windy day.  Carole