26 09 2014


The mornings start later these fall days, the chickens are hardly up when I greet them. The next few days are going to be warm so much has to be done.  Today though it’s the Farmers Market.

Chris comes back

Chris comeS back this evening.  It will be the first time he meets Owen and Sammy.  I have lots of plans for the time he is here.  We have to take up the floor of the porch right near the back door.  When the plumbers came to fix the broken pipe last winter they noticed a large gaping hole and plugged it up but it needs a better fix.  I don’t want anymore frozen pipes this coming winter.  Then he will help me move  the washer, fridge and stove so I can clean behind them.  On SUnday we will do some barn cleaning and putting some of the wood away.  A busy but delightful weekend.


Now that the herb cupboard is back in its place its time to repaint it and the doors, woodwork and cabinets in the kitchen.  I love the dark mustard color and hope I can find a color that is close.

photo (49)

 At one time the kitchen was a very tiny room where the wood stove is and the other part of the kitchen was a wood shed.  There is not much storage area so cabinets had to be bought.  I would like to paint the ceiling over the winter and maybe in the spring figure out what to do with the walls.  There was cheap paneling on the bottom half and I really wanted to put bead board there.

photo (51)


photo (47)


They are laying eggs every other day now both of them.  I should have eggs through the winter now.  Not many but at least theirs. 

photo (55)



 Last night  just as the sunset was receding into the western sky I sat in my chair while filling up the sheep’s water.  The sky was beautiful shades of pink melding into the  dark of night.  It was just beautiful.  Sometimes I just don’t appreciate how good my life is.  I live a simple life doing what I love best, farming in a small way.  I am surrounded by family, animals and friends that truly love me and  even though many days are  a struggle to keep things going I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

Many thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you day is enjoyable.  Carole


22 08 2012


Today much of my day was spent on the phone, or trying to find papers which my Mother had put in a folder or briefcase.  My Mom is in assisted living in FLorida.  Her house is being sold and many papers to find and fax down.  She has some dementia and still thinks that she could live alone.  She refused to come north but now wishes she could.  It may happen, but for now she will stay where she has lived for the past 2 years.  Her body is accustomed to the Florida weather.  So every few months I will fly down, I send her packages of goodies every week and call her.  It’s the best I can do.  She has friends in the assisted living and a very kind staff.  When I leave I feel a sense of sadness but know that she will be taken care of.   As they say aging is not for sissies.



Today I have filled the dehydrator with all kinds of things.







This is my Herb Cupboard.  Its full of herbs and spices, pudding mixes and things like that.  I bought the cupboard a couple of years ago at   Strawberry Fields for under $75.00.  In the beginning I didn’t like it but it suited my purpose of having all my supplies out in the open and in one place.  I do love this old house but I have to say that there is no storage space whatsoever.   Now that I have painted it a light yellow I like it a lot better.  SOme of the baskets on the wall I have made and some I have purchased in Ireland.  This is the back part of my kitchen.  Last summer I had to have it all rebuilt as the sill was rotted and the floor beams were rotted.  Pat , my neighbor did it all and it came out just right.  He added shelving about a foot from the ceiling and all my things that I don’t use everyday are there. No news on the egg front. GOOD DAY TO YOU