17 05 2013



Last spring I bought these beautiful pansies.  I was told that it might be possible to have them come up again and it was!!!!!  

dyeing 012I was very surprised to see the blossoms.  More are coming along.  I had little tiny vases of them around the house most of the summer.  I covered them lightly with hay in the fall.  Now that pansies are on sale I am looking through the $1.00 ones for the nicest colors for this year and next.


I have some of the potatoes planted with the straw method in this bed.

dyeing 013






  They are started to sprout through the earth in the plastic bins now. I have another raised bed to set up for more potatoes.

Yesterday’s Dyeing

I had some pieces of wool fabric lying around and decided to get it dyed.  All are recycled clothing and an old blanket.

dyeing 005

Foot Stool

I found the original base to the foot stool.  Had to take the old covering off and because it had broken in half I had to brace it together.  I am hoping to draw the pattern for it tonight.

dyeing 006  I found this tool in my Mom’s things, I remember seeing my Grandfather use it when I was a child.   It came in handy with this project.

dyeing 007

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a sparkling day.     Carole