21 03 2020




Spring has finally arrived and even though the treat of snow on Monday doesn’t deter me from thinking of gardening. Last night with temps in the 60’s I sat on my porch and watched the sun set, vivid colors of mauve and yellow. The Canadian geese chatting while they were going to their night time resting place. It was hard to believe that a virus is decimating the world.


We have a few cats in the neighborhood who don’t belong to anyone.  Their hard life of finding food and keeping safe shows on them.  There are a few cats that live in my son’s barn.  We tried feeding them and catching them last year to no avail.  This year I tried a new approach.  Feeding them and leaving them alone, then some talking to them at a distance getting closer and closer with myself and the food dish.  Homer was my first  test case.  It took almost 4 months before I could touch him and five months for me to catch him..  I took him to the vets and instead of being a young kitten he was 9 years old.   Most of his teeth were broken, the vet explained that cats living  on their own are like this.  Cat fights and hard food are the cause of the broken teeth. 

Homer who only at a few months ago would not let me within 10 feet of him is now sleeping right near me, talks to me and loves to be petted.  Although he has not blended in with my cat family that should happen soon.

Today I have started the same thing with a female cat that lives in my sons barn.  I feed her everyday and talk to her through the kitchen door.  I have been leaving the barn door open everynight with just enough room for her to get in.  I think that she is staying in the barn at night.  Its cozy in there with hay to sleep on and the five sheep to keep the air warmish.

When people drop off cats they just don’t realize the life that these cats will have.  I am surprised that these two cat have survived.  Predators are abundant here.

Books I Am Reading

This crisis the world is in has caused me so much anxiety.

I came upon this wonderful book and have immersed myself in it and ideas for this and Edible Landscaping. A couple of old windows from a friend , some pieces of wood hanging around the barn and it’s that easy to have fresh, carrots, beets, lettuce and leeks all winter long.

The books is available from Amazon and he also has another book out about skills for self sufficiency which I plan to get.

I am planning on paper how to integrate flowers and veggies in my front yard. It’s all very inspiring and will give me a since of security in producing more of my own food

Finishing Projects

Here are some of the projects I am working on or finishing.

 The Back Coop


This is the back of the barn coop. I have finally got all the chickens in groups where the get along. Gladys the large hen has a twisted beak, it doesn’t interfere with her eating or laying wonderful eggs but in the front coop she took a beating for it. She is happy here and the banty’s don’t notice it or care.

I am so glad to be back blogging, I have missed it and missed all of you.

I am taking a class from Deanne Fitzpatrick she talked about a word of the year. Something to work on and practice. My word is kindness.

No act of kindness,no matter how small is ever wasted. Aesop