13 03 2013


It’s so good to be home.  I couldn’t do the blog while I was away this time as my lap top screen needs repair.  So I am glad to be back blogging.


After picking my bags  I found yet again my bags were rifled through.  I find it very upsetting to have my bags checked almost every trip to Florida and sometimes coming back too.  I know that it makes people feel secure but It doesn’t make me feel secure at all.  It feels like someone has walked around my house looked  and touched everything in it and left.  

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in New Smyrna Beach.  If you are looking for a great place to stay, this is it.   You are close to all the wonderful shops and restaurants and to the beach.  It just opened in November and has a saline pool.  Unfortunately it was too cool to swim.  Cindy and I can recommend The Patio Restaurant (the chef personally comes to your table) and the Riverside Grill for great meals.


WE had a very busy trip, we have settled lots of things.  My Mom will be coming here to live mid May.  It will be difficult for her to leave there and changes for us both.  She still knows Cindy and I  but still thinks she has a new car and the house.  She is more feeble now and can’t walk at all.  I will hopefully be transferred to hospice here and have their help.  The house did close but we are still in a sort of limbo about things.  That will change soon.



In Florida the big beautiful Red Bay trees are being killed by a fungus carried by the invasive Asian ambrosia beetle. Federal officials think it was brought to this country in shipping packaging.   Before people know it they are infested with them and its too late.  Many people are treating the trees at a $100. to 300. cost. Red  Bay trees are so beautiful and create a canopy which provides shade .


Minnie enjoyed all the attention while I was gone, Sammy is still talking and talking and the other cats were glad to see me back.


I was concerned by the fast melting snow before I left.  The barn floor is soaked but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I did put lots of shavings down before I left and cleaned them up this afternoon and put new down.  There is still snow to melt but I think that I can keep up with it.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole


25 11 2012


Several years ago I heard about a book by Joe Hutto called My Life as a Turkey.   I remember reading a great review of this book so I ordered it.  When I got it I could’t put it down.  It’s a great book about a man who found a pan full of turkey eggs on his doorstep and he had wanted to do research on turkys and decided that this was it.  There was no turning back for him .  Through my friend Deb I learned about the show on PBS called My Life as a Turkey .  I had lent Deb the book and she had enjoyed it as much as I did.  If you google My Life as a Turkey you will be able to watch it.   It’s really wonderful to hear in his own words the story.  Please don’t miss this wonderful  show.  Joe is now in Wyoming living with Mule Deer.  












Today there was a Christmas Bazar on the Main Street in New Smyrna .  We decided  to visit it and the Farmers Market which was several streets over.  Right in downtown was this lovely antique shop with shrubs, trees and flowers all over the yard.  Little windy paths.  It had its privacy but was very inviting at the same time.  The shop was closed, I would have loved to visit  it and the yard.  It just proves that you can turn a very public yard into an oasis.









A local florest decorated this tree.



Mom is more alert today.  She got her new wheelchair which is better suited for her.  She will soon have a new hospital bed which she won’t be able to try to get out of.  Tormorrow we leave Edgewater and return to Orlando.  We will be staying at the airport hotel because we have a very early flight.  I hope to be back here for Christmas.  We wanted to take my Mom out for supper tonight but she must have heard they were having a spaghetti dinner and declined our invitation.


The farmers market didn’t have as many vendors as in the summer, but the spinners were there and it was nice.  









Cindy and I stopped at Loveland Groves.  She needed to send some oranges and I wanted to get some to bring home.  I have been buying oranges from them since the mid 80’s.  You are never disappointed when you buy from there.  This year the oranges are exceptionally sweet.  Now they make their own orange juice.  It was so good.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.









11 10 2012







While I was with my Mom during her surgery my cousin Gary walked around the town of New Smyrna.  He stumbled upon a museum that he thought I would be interested in.  We took Mom back to Fairgreen, had our lunch at The Patio and went to the museum.  This town of New Smyrna Beach was once noted for growing Indigo.

Dr. Andrew Turnbull a Scottish physician, arrived with 1255 other colonists in New Smyrna Beach in 1768.  They grew many things including Indigo and harvested Cochineal which produces a red dye.  Indigo was known as the King of Dyes and only grown on large plantations.  It brought in a huge price in the European markets.


They came up with a vat system to steep and ferment the plant.  According to the booklet “Archaeology of the New Smyrna Colony”.the dye smelled so bad that even the buzzards wouldn’t come near the vats.  When it was finished fermenting it was poured out of the vats and allowed to dry, then it was cut into blocks before sending it to England.


I grew Indigo back in the late 80’s.  ANd I do agree about it being smelly.  I had good luck with it but only grew a small amount.  I did buy some seeds at the museum and will try some next year.

This picture is of the vat system.  The following pictures are of some history and the blocks.


I forgot to mention that my chicken salad was full of white seedless grapes.  Who would have thought that would work, it was delicious.

I am back from Florida today, its hard to leave Mom but she is recovering from her surgery well.  I am glad to be back home and the cats were very glad to see me.

Hope you have a  wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.