6 02 2015


It is 14 below zero this morning.  Luckily the barn keeps the animals warmer.  I still have frozen pipes and will call the oil company to see what can be done today. Today there is a meeting of The Shelburne Falls Farmers Market and I hope to attend.  The market has been decreasing in the number of vendors and the number of customers and we will talk about what can be done.


I went up to the barn after 5 last night to feed Elliott and the SHeep.  Elliott was acting strangely and I went in for  a closer look and he had probably stepped in the water bucket and somehow it got around his knee and he laid down.  I tried to get it off but couldn’t so I called Lauren to see if she could help.  We just could not do it so I called my good neighbor Pat and he came right over.  He with Laurens help was able to free him but not without a lot of screaming and yelling from Elliott and a little spitting here and there.  Elliott  is a gentle soul but he doesn’t like strange people in the barn and he hates to be touched.  Both things were happening to him at the same time.  I checked on him many times during the evening and he was fine and this morning he was patiently waiting for his breakfast.  The sheep must have thought the Vet was coming and they made their way out of the barn when the noise started, Elliott hates the Vet and makes the same noises when he comes.  All is well and in a few weeks I will laugh about this incident.


Having animals for so many years strange things can happen. My wonderful and favorite sheep Lottie was curious.  In the summers my sheep went to pasture and I would check on them every day.  This one morning  Lottie came running up to me and her face was covered with quills.  None in her mouth or eyes. I called my Friend Ceacy and she came over with pliers and gently took out all the quills.  I still have the quills!!!!!  


   A porcupine must have wandered near the electric fence. 



On this cold morning I found 2 eggs in the nest box.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this bitter cold day.  I hope you are warm and cozy .  Carole