12 07 2015


Yesterday was a wonderful day, clothes dried well and there was a slight breeze.  Today there will be humidity in the air so outside chores will be done early.

Still working on the bathroom where the ceiling was pulled down.  Have the window area all cleaned up of debris. Bottles are being replenished with lavender/Cider vinegar for the Bath .  The old tin box holds all my shoe polishes and brushes.  With hardly a closet or storage area in this Old Farmhouse one must invent places to store things.



Helen has had a few glitches with a call to the Vet but now seems to be recovering .  SHe is eating well and talking like she use to. She likes being in the kitchen where there is much activity and loves being held.

She was caught eating the newspaper so now old sheets are her bedding.


Mmmmm Scrambled eggs with corn


Yesterday was the first of two sessions of Spinning Class  It went great with each girl making wonderful yarn.  Joan was a member of our Woolgathers Spinning Group and Deb is a new comer to spinning.  We had a lot of fun and they were given parts of 3 fleeces to wash during the week.  We will be working on carding and spinning those fleeces, talking about all sorts of dyeing and spinning mohair, linen and cotton next week.  Great fun.  Thanks Liz at SHeep and SHawl.

Great Yarn

Great Yarn


It’s funny how you remember every detail of some things you did in your life and other things just slip your mind.  I remember being with my Aunt Milly in a tiny craft store in Longmeadow, Mass.  I saw this delightful embroidery pattern and wanted it, it reminded me of all my wonderful days spent at Old Sturbridge Village.  She bought it for me .  I spent hours and hours sitting in front of the fireplace in the Victorian house I lived in, working on this.  It needed cleaning and the frame that it was in wasn’t quite right.


The old frame has been in my family for a while and with some adjustments it will accommodate the picture.  I love the attention to detail in this. Cat on the roof, the sledders looking like they were doing 100 miles an hour, chickens eating.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole

Lil came over and wanted to play the piano.  




18 06 2013


The Side Garden

With the strange and rainy weather the gardens seem to be a bit behind.  The tomatoes I grew inside are still smallish compared with the ones you buy.  Tomorrow I am going to pick up a couple of heirloom 6 packs of them.  I think in the end its easier to purchase these.  The cost of seeds is what a 6 pack goes for.    It would be better for me to start pumpkins and squash I think..  Who knows they may catch up but I do want to insure lots of tomatoes.  I plant to can, freeze and dry tomatoes this year.

Last night I was later going out to the outside hens.   SOmething told me to walk on the road instead of walking around the house.  Good thing I listened, there was Mr. or Mrs. Skunk near the strawberries.  Busy eating some tasty morsel.  That is what is digging its way into the hens every night.  Eating what they did not finish.  Well if I had gone my usual way i would have walked right into it and who knows what would have happened.  He meandered under the porch.


I talked with Mom last night.  SHe had a busy day.  Her dead husband and herself went out for a drive.  This is the good side of dementia.  Sometimes if you are lucky you relive the happier times in your life and see the people you loved  frequently.  My Mom goes shopping with her Mom, I think its nice.  WHen my Mom is in this stage she is happier.

The Piano

The piano now is in its place, not where I thought it would go but a good place just the same.  Away from the outside walls and not in direct sunlight.    I am still in the middle of moving things around.  I did a the Seamus hooked piece up and I like where it is.  That was a fun project and all the yarn in it is from my Seamus’.














The Doll in the Bell Jar

This doll was given to my by my Grandmother along with two others.  This one was my favorite because  besides having red hair almost the color of mine I loved the gown and watched my Grandmother crochet it.  I found the bell jar in Vermont, I need to find two more.  These dolls were bought at a local 5 and dime.




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6 06 2013


The Piano arrived this morning, all fixed and ready to play.  No music.  I will look on e-bay for some easy stuff.  Its funny but I remember it being smaller.  The man who fixed it had a book on all piano’s.  SO interesting.  The company that made my piano made very good ones.  Mine was made in 1951 in either New York or Toronto..  The company was in business from the late 1880’s to 1960.  


I remember the excitement when it came, and my Dad sat down and played a tune.  My feet couldn’t touch the petals.  This was the same year that my Grandfather bought me a 36 inch Columbia Bike.  He would ride me around the cellar every night, I couldn’t touch those petals either.  

More Rain

We are getting heavy rains again.  A storm is coming up the coast after leaving some parts of Florida flooded.  We are expecting flooding around here too.

Cranberry Moon Farm













More pictures from the farm.  

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole