7 01 2018


I am back from Ireland and have a working kitchen now.  My next blog I will share the trip to Ireland with you.  Hope to catch up in this blog.  December into January has been super cold  The temps last night went down to over 20 below zero and with wind chill it was way below that.   This morning the temps are eking up but at 11 am its still not above 10 below.  For the first time in 19 years my kitchen is warm and no broken pipes!!!!!!! (knock on wood)


I hardly remember November it went by in a whirlwind.  Getting ready for the crafts of Colrain and the trip to Ireland and 2 shows the weekend before I left.   But all these things were getting me ready for the best trip.  Peaceful, fun and adventurous 


The front part of the kitchen is done and it looks great.  It is wonderful to have a kitchen that works and has places for everything.  I wonder how I worked in the old one for so many years.  I have all new appliances and a huge sink or zink as my Mom Mom Morrison use to call them.  Everyone helped and cheered me on when I was washing dishes in the bath tub.  Even though it was a difficult few months it certainly showed me how important family and friends are in one’s life.  I am so grateful.

The back part of the kitchen where the wood stove was will have to wait till warmer weather as the floor has to  come up and a new base for the wood stove has to be built  I sure  do miss the wood stove on these cold days  but it needs to be done  The floor has sunk down about 5 inches.  I am planning on replacing my Vermont casting stove with a smaller more efficient Jotul  wood stove.  I  Don’t need that big of a stove anymore with the new insulated walls.



I bought some books in Ireland and my favorite magazine    The Lighthouse Keeper a memoir by Gerald Butler  I had read a review on in a newspaper and decided it would be a book I would search for  Every book store was out I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t find it but on a trip to Baltimore in the tiniest of stores there it was   I started reading it that night  It is about the life of one of the last lightkeepers in Ireland.  His great-grandfather was a light keeper and so was both of his parents  Most of his lightkeeping days were on the west coast of Ireland where we were staying    Many exciting tales of his rescues and of his time at Fastnet Lighthouse with waves coming over the top of the light house  A great read

The sea and lighthouses always have fascinated me.  I always though I would live near them.



As many of my followers know I have been getting this magazine for years  I finally found it at the end of my trip thanks to Cindy and Chris  With stories about topiary, making casks, and so much more.  I find it a back to the rural life plus views of the city magazine   If you have never read this magazine its worth buying  or borrowing a copy .  


I found this wonderful book at Avoca Weavers on Molls Gap in Ireland.  I do have lots of books on Chickens but love to add to my collection    Every person raises chickens  differently and new ideas and how to handle illnesses are something I always look for in a new book  This has them and  it is a delightful read too


Margaret is in for the winter she is now in the cage I bough for Helen   She is in back part of the kitchen  She has had the sneezing and coughing thing before I left and was in the house  briefly and seemed to be better  But a few days after I got home she was sneezing again   She still has some problems but  is back to her old self talking and cooing  I let her out everyday as it is a smaller cage  She loves the private sleeping area  She will be back with the flock in the spring 


MYRTLE came in today  I found her standing still just trying to keep warm today not eating or drinking . Like Humans some hens just can’t take the cold and need some  help.  This is exceptional weather we are having and I think she would have been fine with normal winter weather.  She will return out in the spring.

The personalities of these two birds is like night and day.  Margaret is demanding and wants wants wants.  Myrtle is happy with anything  you do for and asks for little.  


I have wanted to get 3 of these trees for some time  Not many places carry them but I plan to go to a tree nursery in Hadley, Mass this spring and see if they have them  to further my dream of having all my live Christmas decorations right in my own yard  As a child I remember them in cow and horse pastures 

I found some this Christmas season in a place where I would have never thought to look, Home Depot an it was the last bunch there  I have scattered them around the house and catch their scent when I walk past .

Juniper Oil has been used in many things for years  I love it for a bath  It is said to help arthritis .

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold winter day.  Carole


23 04 2017

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29 08 2013


Deb Robson

I met Deb back in the early 80’s taking Spinning lessons at Webs at the X in Springfield.  I immediately liked her, through her I developed a love for wool, sheep, spinning and much more.  Those lessons changed my life.  I used to see her every once in a while when I would attend SOAR or at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival..  She has gone on to work for Interweave Press and publishing books.  I have featured one of her books Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook  on this blog.  She has done so many things for the spinning and sheep world, now her friends want to give back to her. Her dream is to study Shetland sheep for a year.  Her friends have come up with a dream-funder project for Deborah Robson.  I am showing you the front page and the table of contents and was given permission by her friend Donna Druchunas..

minnie 004Ihay and debs's book 011

It is $20. for the e-book, This is the first installment of it, and its 40 pages long. Its has 5 wonderful knitting patterns in it.  I am looking forward to the other pieces of the book which will hold essays and many more patterns by the best of the knitting world.  Of course with Deb all this knowledge she brings from this year of studying will be shared with us.  If you are a spinner, knitter and just in general love sheep this is a e-book for you and you will be helping the world learn so much more about Shetland and their sheep.       Shetland has been on my bucket list for a few years now, since before I got Marley.


I ordered 50 more bales of hay and it came last night.    It is wonderful hay and very dry so it didn’t bother me at all.  Its not just getting the hay which brings work but the getting ready.   Half of the hay area had to be swept, the stuff had to be moved out of the way so the truck could  get in.  It was a couple of hours of hard work.  The boys had never had the expierence of a hay elevator. 

hay and debs's book 005

If you don’t get a bale and put it in place in a hurry the next one is there and it creates a huge mess.  50 bales were in the barn in less than 20 minutes.  Now they know how it is and will be ready next time I have hay delivered.

hay and debs's book 006


Well they still aren’t done, I did some more hand sewing on them and I hope they will be done for the weekend.  Sometimes its frustrating for me.  On a farm there is so much to do and lots of time the things you really want to do have to be put aside. I am going to be taking more time to do these things in the coming weeks.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole and my helper Minnieminnie 005


11 08 2013



STEPHANIE KRAUSS gave a wonderful talk and slide show on her recent visit to Newfoundland this year.  The slide show was so wonderful I think everyone in the room was ready to book a trip.   She showed us a picture of a beautiful iceberg (which takes 2 years to come down Iceberg Alley from Greenland) and it was astounding.   It was stuck on a sandbar and when it melted sufficiently it would turn upside down and float away.IMG_1048

Newfoundland looks a little like Ireland with great cliffs and the beautiful sea.   Fishing is the prime industry.  

Dr. Grenfell and his Wife










Dr. Grenfell visited this island and saw the beauty of it but also saw the poverty.  He wanted to help the people and saw that they were making rugs and started a business selling the rugs to tourist the venture moved into a bigger venture which ended up  giving the people much better lives and funding hospitals.  Read more online about the Grenfell’s mission and the rug business on Wikipedia.

It looks like Newfoundland is now near the top of my bucket list!

A Picture of the 4 of us


Louise,Me, Deb. and Mary Jane  We had a wonderful time.


This ends Friday’s adventures at the Hook-in.  Saturday’s talks were about  Molas and very wide cuts in hooking.  Look for more on that tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Sandras Royal Christening Robe-LEN’S MEMORIALCHRIS RETURNS

28 07 2013


Today I want to share something special with you.  Visiting the Shetland  Isles is on my Bucket list.  And while I am there I would like to visit the premiere yarn company making Shetland Yarn, Jamieson and Smith.  I have used this yarn for years in various projects, not knowing that one day I would actually own Marley who is a Shetland sheep.  When this blog arrived in my in box this morning I knew that I wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy the article and  the beauty of the shawl.

Sandras Royal Christening Robe.

Len’s Memorial.

My friend Lynn’s husband passed away recently.   He was 92 and lived an interesting life  He was a boiler designer by trade.  He and she both were great helps to me when I first arrived here.   The house was full of emergencies then, this and that breaking.  They always came when I called.  My sheep spent many a wonderful summers on their land.  We called it summer camp.  Len lived a wonderful life, with his beloved wife and this wonderful land.   I hope you enjoy the picture of this day.  The Memorial was planned with everyone in mind, family and friends gathered.  It was a great day to remember Len and visit with family and friends.  This picture is of some old and a new friend sitting on the studio porch.




This week I got an e-mail from Deanne Fitzpatrick that she was holding a one day event in July of 2014 with Kaffe Fasset.  For those of you who don’t know of his works please visit .  I have been following him for years his colors in knitting and fabrics are astounding.  I thought about it overnight and decided why not.  I e-mailed and the 1 day hooking class was filled within a few hours.  Oh my could I get on a waiting list?  Yes I could and Deanne is trying to get him for another day.  I got an email late in the  day  Wednesday that I was in the second day, yesterday I called and gave them my information and they told me that this class was full with a waiting list too.  Its a year away but oh how exciting. I will be planning my trip to a place I love Nova Scotia throughout that time.  He and his assistant will help you draw a pattern and pick out your colors.  There is a book signing on Friday night and I think I will attend if there is room. 

Chris Returns

Chris and Lilly Pad return today.  It will be good to have them back.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole