19 04 2020


We had a rare late snow fall yesterday. An inch or two at the most.  Farmers call snow this late in the season “Poor Man’s Fertilizer”.   Snow does have traces of Nitrogen which acts as a fertilizer.



 Before and after shots of shearing day on the farm



Our lives have changed significantly these past few months.  Not seeing Family and Friends is quite upsetting.  Everything seems upside down.   Seeds are hard to find as everyone buys them up and the people who usually plant gardens are wondering what  happened.   Baby chicks sold out in one day at The Greenfield Farmers Co-op which is great for them and there will be more.  There will probably be a glut of hens in the fall as people who just started out find out that raising hens is lots of work and can be costly.                                                                                                                               I am buying canning and freezing supplies now as the frenzy continues there will be a period where they are not in supply.                                                                                    Back in the 70’s before the oil shortage i started to build my food security stash.  A friend who was a Morman talked about having a years supply of food and necessities.  Over a year of buying extras when they were on sale I did have  my supply.  Such a good feeling for a family.  It was simple and came in handy many times.  Unfortunately I didn’t keep it up but now see the value of it all again.  I will work through the year with gardening, freezing , canning and drying to build up a supply just like my family did in the past.  I will continue sharing information with you on the things I am doing and how they worked out,


While I never stopped spinning now I am making it part of my everyday life, in hopes of continuing it in the future.  I hope to make up some Rug Hooking Kits with my handspun yarn included in them.


I have got so many plans.  I am going to set up one of the pallets against the chicken fence to grow cucumbers on.   I hope to start the cold frame this week and plan to grow cold crops in it till the summer heat.  I want to have flowers everywhere this summer so I was able to buy some flower seeds.    Hanging plants and geraniums  all over the porch.  Bouquets in every room.  I still will forage for wild flowers which is something I have always done.  I want to see beauty everywhere.


Every Thursday I am watching Deanne Fitzpatrick on her face book page as she gives rug hooking lessons, words of wisdom and just plan fun.  I am also finishing up projects that have long been overlooked.  Will share these as times goes by,

My friends please stay safe and take this time to find the joy in life.

Carole and farm friends








3 responses

19 04 2020
Eliza Waters

It’s nice to have the garden season to look forward to. Having bouquets spread around the house is a must! 🙂 Take care, Carole.

28 06 2020

Well, I guess it’s not as frightening to find people in the same boat as I! For some reason, this year, hubby and I had the big to order seeds! So thankful, as we found it very difficult to find plants or seeds. The garden is well on it way…with the help of the electric fence and watering we’ve rigged up!

We managed to order chicks but it was, also, difficult! They came MONTHS after ordering.

And although we aren’t LDS, our pantry will need to be replenished as months continue!

Sending my best! And can’t wait to purchased a fleece!!

14 10 2020

Hope your garden turned out wonderful and your chicks ae getting ready to lay. I thought by now things would be better but instead they seem to be getting a little worse. Hope all is well with you

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