29 09 2012


On Thursday we had a Farm To Fiber Meeting.  The final touches on the vendor applications were made and they will be going out in the mail and via e-mail shortly.  For anyone who wants to become a vendor at this wonderful fiber event please e-mail me at and I will be sure that you receive an application.


It is with a broken heart I let you know of the passing of Ernest Dodge.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I am sure is with his beloved Ethel.  We at the farm will miss him more than words can tell.  Today we buried him on the hill where the garden was this year.  My friend Susan suggested a bench and I think I will get one.  It will be a nice place to sit and take a break from the garden chores.  I did plant some hyacinths they will be nice in the spring.


Today I am making Corn Relish.  It’s a birthday present for my son-in-law Rick.   When I gave him the Chopped Suey Pickles he commented how much he liked spicy corn relish so I have added one hot pepper to the recipe.    This is the end of the season corn and I think the liquid wouldn’t have been so milky if I had done it earlier in the season.  It tastes great and it is hot!!!!!!!!


I also made bread today.  I am hoping to make a batch once a week.    It came out good.  Nothing smells better than bread baking in the oven.   My friend Francine said that she makes the dough in the bread machine and finishes it in the oven.  That would be a lot easier and I think that I will try it next time.

Tomorrow I am going to our local ATHA meeting and lunch.  I am going to bring my cats and pumpkin project.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog.



28 09 2012


Today I would like to tell you the story of Murphy, Hazel and Mrs. Brown.  The story is a little sad but has a happy ending.

Gertrude was one of my first hens.  She was A frizzle bantam.  She had a best friend named Emma who was one of the largest hens that I had.  Gertrude wanted to be a Mom from the moment I got her.  She will build elaborate nests each spring steal eggs from everyone and spread out her wings and sit. barely covering the eggs with her wings.  SHe wanted Emma with her.  Emma spent her days outside looking for bugs and worms.  Gertrude would go to the door and call for Emma.  You could see Emma saying Oh all right.  She would come in and sit a while with Gertrude, then when she thought it was safe she would sneak back out.  This would happen over and over each day till months went by and I moved her off the nest.  Every year this would happen.  One year I got some fertile eggs from my friend Lynn and Gertrude set on them.  Lo and behold one egg hatched.

They were so cute together.  I would watch her teaching him things.  I decided to name him Murphy as I didn’t know if he was a girl or fellow.  I would find out soon enough.

One day I came home from work and Gertrude had passed away.  What sadness but I really didn’t have time to mourn her as I had to do something about Little Murphy.  Her life was fulfilled, she accomplished what she wanted to do.  I will never forget her .  I got on the phone with John Peters alias THE CHICKEN MAN.  Well he had two Mile Flur Bantams and was almost sure they were hens.  I said I would be right down.  Into my world came Hazel and Mrs. Brown.  Two characters!

I gave them the Snuggle teddy bear and they slept near  or under it until they were much older.  It must have given them the comfort and feel of a Mom.

I kept them in a plastic bin in the kitchen.  The whitish one is Hazel and the multi-colored one is Mrs. Brown and Murphy is the dark one.  The picture below is Murphy in his almost teenage years.    Hazel turned out to be a rooster and one who protects his ladies at all cost.  Mrs. Brown also want to be a Mom and made many attempts at doing so and Murphy has turned into a big rooster.  He is so sweet.  He loves to be talked to and still remember what I used to say to him when he was a baby to calm down.  When I say the words he calms right down.  Chickens have their own world but there is love and sweetness in it along with the other stuff.  They have their friends and they have hens that they just can’t stand.  Animals and people are a lot alike

Many thanks for reading my blog, hope your day is wonderful

Carole and of course Murph


27 09 2012


This is the house about 5 years ago.  Not much has changed except the flowers, trees and bushes.  I found these old pictures today in an old camera case.  It was interesting to see just what is still growing on the front hill and what didn’t make it.  The CHristmas Tree that I got in the state forest is tall and spindly now and the Holly has thrived.  Some flowers which required a lot of sun did not.  All these things will be noted in my garden book.















Willie show up on my door the summer before my knee surgery.  I found out later that he was abandoned when some renters moved out of the neighborhood.  He was quite friendly and lovable.  I am always saying that I will not take in anymore cats, but of course he won all our hearts.  He has been living inside ever since









The catnip has done very well this year.  I hope to pick it the next day or two and dry it.


Tomatoes for Sunday

Sunday is our ATHA meeting and its close by.  I am planning to make a mozzarella /basil/tomato Quiche.   I got the recipe off of the internet and it sounds good and would be easy to make.  Today while grocery shopping I thought about getting a pre-made pie crust.  I was really surprised to find out that they are all made with lard.  I didn’t think anything was made with lard anymore.  It’s always good to look at the ingredients.  I will make my own.

 Hope that you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.



26 09 2012


I saw a picture of a cat like this many years ago.  I always wanted to make one for the door.  I started him 2 years ago and he ended up at the bottom of the pile of hooking.  I am trying to get some of these old projects finished and it just took an hour or so to finish him.

He will guard the door till Halloween is done.


My Grandmother was great at crocheting.  A hobby which my Mother never took up.  SHe made everyone in the family crochet tablecloths.  They were beautiful.  SHe did a lot of other crochet  things too.  I have a lot of my Mom Mom Morrison and my Grandma Utleys hand work.   I never met my Grandma Utley but I have many of her quilts and quilt tops which I am slowly finishing.  My Mom Mom taught me how to crochet and I still have the first rug I made with  Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn.  These are things that should be handed down in families but what does one do with doilies now days.

This is a perfect solution for those little pieces that seem to get lost.  This one in particular kept showing up and disappearing again, finally this time when Icame across it I decided it was time to do something about it and found this perfect frame.  I am going to get some of the other pieces out of their storage box and pick ones that I want to do the same thing with.  That way I can always be on the look out for the perfect frame.

My Dad’s sister, Delia was also very talented in the needlework department and I have several of her things also.  Even though I have never met her I feel close to her.


Ernest seems to be on a slow road back to  himself.  He certainly is sick of me poking and prodding every time he turns around.  He goes to his vet on Friday.  I have many questions about kidney disease now and will do more research on the internet before I go.

THE GARDEN                                                                          I was so lucky with the Morning GLories, I have so many colors, from light pink to deep purple and they have knocked down my bed post.                                                  Hope you have a happy day and many thanks for reading my blog.



25 09 2012


I started the Wilbur handspun yarn sweater the other day.  I had thoughts of this sweater/jacket for some time.  It will be perfect to take to Ireland and it will be the only sweater I will take.  I really want to travel light even though it’s not in my nature to do so.

It will be an easy pattern because it’s just knitting.  I will dye some yarn for the collar and the front bands .  The colors that I have picked out are Turkey Red, Olive Drab, Mustard and I haven’t decided on the last color.  These dyes are Pro Chem which is a Massachusetts  company.  The pattern is called Adult Shepherds Jacket and Coat and is  a Peace Fleece pattern.

I tried knitting with the straight needles, but because of the arthritis in my fingers it became painful.  I went to my local yarn store METAPHOR YARNS located on route 2 in Shelburne  and got a size 6 circular needle and the sweater should go faster now.

Metaphor yarns offers many classes.  One is going on now which I wish I could have taken but an upcoming trip to Florida stopped me from doing so.  I hope they will run it again.    Its called WEE SCOTS FISHERMAN’S SWEATER.  YOu make this fisherman’s sweater in size two.    It’s a good way to practice the stitches and try a no seam sweater.  They also have drop in knitting one morning a week and an evening knitting circle.







This is the north side of my house.  I am hoping this fall to have it repaired.   The house was built in the 1880’s and is 2 feet thick of cement and rocks.  The rocks are in the center of the concrete.  The outside was never painted till I did it  the year after I moved in but I never painted the back as it need repair.   The house was neglected for many years.  Instead of replacing windows they put ones in that didn’t open and blocked up others.  I am hoping to have 6 windows replaced and how great that will be.  Now 4 of those windows don’t open and it creates a mold problem in the house.  I will have wonderful breezes when they are replaced.  The company who is planning to do it will fix all the cement and put railings on all the stairs and replace a chimney and the windows.  I hope that I can get this done this fall.  I would like to finish painting the house next year.                                                   Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog