2 04 2014



I live in the village of Griswoldville in the town of Colrain.  There are many wonderful things about living in a village.  You know most of your neighbors, and in the spring and fall people stoke or start their wood stoves up for the night between 5 and 6 pm.  That wonderful smell of wood smoke permeates the air.  It is very similar to Ireland where people use peat or turf  and that wonderful smell permeates the air there at the same time.  We have swimming holes for kids to swim in and plenty of places to fish.  I consider myself lucky most days.

I made Oatmeal Soap yesterday, a double batch.  It’s really popular and I do love making it. It cooled down overnight and was cut and now is drying, It should be ready May 1st.


 I spent part of the day cleaning up the Calendula and Lime/Basil Gardner’s Soap today and  will leave it dry a few more days.  I plan to package it up the end of the week.  I want to package up some soap with a jar of salve and a hand knit mitt as a special Gardner’s package.



I scooped up another egg from Morticia, she didn’t seem to mind as long as I was giving her a snack..  They had oatmeal with blueberries today.

Clothes Drying

My clothes dried quickly yesterday  How I like to lay my head on a pillowcase that has been dried outside.  That wonderful fresh smell.  I don’t always dry my clothes outside but do it when I can.  Its something I helped my Mother and Grandmother do.  My Grandmother in Maryland had a wringer washing machine.  As a child I had never seen one before and almost got my arm caught in it while helping her.  My Mom had a wooden clothes line that swung around, my Grandmother and my  Aunt Helen both had  a heavy wire strung with  wooden poles with a notch cut into them  to either put the line up high or lower it for hanging or taking the clothes down.  I loved that idea.  Hanging clothes outside is now popular again with energy prices going up all the time. I have had a clothes line every place I lived.

It was another nice spring day and the barn is drying and I should be finished the winter cleaning by Monday.  I have to decide where they will be safe.  I have the back coop which I am going to clean out and repaint.  They could go in there .  We will see.  I hope you enjoyed the day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole