22 07 2013


Homeless People.

I follow Bealtaine Cottage blog from Ireland.  We often have similar problems like the weather.  They have been having a hot spell there with little rain .  Colette sent me this url about homeless people in America.  It followed 3 families.  These were people who never thought this would happen to them but a set of circumstances sent them down this path.  If you have the time please view it.  We are all only a few steps away from this ourselves.  There is little help for people who this happens to, and its so very hard to come back from it.   Its called Broke: The New American Dream.  It seems really strange to me while we are spending money on wars that we cannot help our own people.  I would love to hear your ideas and views on this subject.  How can we get our government to help these people, they seem to fall between the cracks.

Summer  Flowers

 I just love picking wild flowers by the side of the road.  They make the nicest bouquets.


























Chris and Lilly Pad have gone home.  He will be back next weekend.  He is going to basketball camp in Boston.



I have tried growing Mullen but my soil is too good.  It prefers sandy soil.  It’s a stunning herb growing very tall.  I buy tinctures of mullein for ear aches.  It works very well for me..

Hope your day has been wonderful and many thanks for reading my blog.  The weather is cooler  and very delightful.  Hope we get some rain soon.  The deep composting method has kept my plants in good shape but soon they will need water.