7 09 2012

GOOD MORNING                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Yesterday I Put together a tomato, basil and garlic mix.  I first had this at my friend Lynn’s house many years ago.  It’s a simple summer recipe that only takes minutes to make.

It is adapted from the SIlver Palate Cookbook.  It calls for tomatoes (I used my small Roma tomatoes) 4 garlic cloves and handfuls of chopped basil.  I did add some peppers chopped very fine and you could add sliced onions.  Salt and pepper and drizzle all with a good olive oil.  Leave this set out all day  to let the flavors mingle.  Then refrigerate.

Today I will cook pasta and slice mozzarella into small squares and top with the tomato mix.  Its good.


I often come out to my spinning place in the morning


after feeding all the animals.   I will bring my cup of tea

and contemplate the day.  Its quiet and the sounds of the                                              

birds and chickens are calming.  A good way to start the

day.     The cup and saucer were a gift from my daughter,

Cindy on our first trip to Ireland together.  We were driving

down a  road in the remote part of Dingle and there tucked

into the side of a hill was a cute stone antique shop.  The cup

and saucer is Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers.


  This is the blanket that I got in my friend Carol’s collection.   It’s a perfect color to use with my Blueberry Jar rug.   I e-mailed my friend Deb to get her advise on how to felt it.  Several methods were tried and unsuccessful.  I think it felted a little in the dryer.  But JoAnn at the Wool and Dye Works suggested that I just cut it large and fold over the pieces.  I think that will work.

It’s still humid here and we are supposed to get cooler weather over the weekend.  I will be glad when it comes.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


P.S.  Mrs. Brown and Morticia are still sitting on those eggs.  I will be kicking them out of the nest box over the weekend.  They need to get on with their lives!!!!!!