9 01 2014



I have always had great service from the Postal Service no matter where I have lived.  The Colrain Post Office will go out of their way to deliver the mail.  Over the holiday I shipped a package and some cards to the Rest HOme where my Mom is in Port Orange Florida.  A week after Christmas the package came back, no such number.  The address was 864 and I put down 846.  I was really shocked that this happened.  Very poor customer service.  I paid again, changed the number and the package went back.  It seems to me that the delivery man would know who lives in a number  that’s up the street especially it being a business.  Yesterday I called it took me 1 hour just to find the phone number, I think they just don’t want to hear from people, then on the phone the supervisor telling me that I put the wrong number , I saying such poor customer service is unacceptable, it was a waste of my time.  If the post office was private they would have to go out of their to please the customer  This goes the way of many government offices, they are complacent, they just don’t care.  


 If you can believe it Saturday its suppose to rain and be in the 50’s.   Most of the snow will be gone, what a winter!!!!!!


There are only three birds left in the caring coop.  Sweet Pea the larger bird, Louise her friend and Morticia.  Morticia goes back and forth between coops.  SHe loves to sleep on the cord for the light (its been unplugged since she started this).  It’s very high up away from danger and it swings gently.  FOr the past two nights the temps have been zero or below.

IMG_2205 IMG_2206

Sweet Pea is sleeping in the nest box, she has no clue what it’s really used for as she has not laid an egg yet, and I really doubt that she will lay one till late February.  She likes the warmth of the shavings, but her friend Louise sleeps on the highest perch.  I have never seen Sweet Pea sleeping on a perch.  Well two nights ago Morticia was in with the other side sleeping on her swing and here was Sweet Pea on the Perch beside Louise  For two nights that happened, when I went in to check  on everyone tonight Morticia was back with Louise and Sweet Pea was back in the nest box.  I see kind, loving gestures on the farm all the time, it’s why I keep going and it renews my spirit.

    Many thanks for reading my blog on this wintry day.  Carole