15 10 2012









Today I am trying to finish the sunflowers.  I had forgotten how much time goes into each one.  FIrst you need cut the hooking material and then cut the material to proddy the petals.  After the hooking is done you need to cut them out and sew the ends to the inside.  I cut a piece of dark wool bigger than the flower and sew that on dipping the wooden branch into some glue and inserting it before the sewing is finished.  I also add some powdered cloves and cinnamon and allspice before it is all sewed.  I can usually sell all I can make.  This year it may be only 8.  In the picture is also a small pin and I may make more of them.





I have been making bees-wax candles for years.  I buy the bees way from a gentleman in Edgewater,Florida who promotes bees . THe place is called Tropical Blossom Honey Company.  In his shop he has a small museum of antique bee keep equipment.  It’s always interesting to visit him as you never know what new products he will have.  His wax is from local orange groves.  The smell is heavenly.  I have bought bees-wax elsewhere but it’s never been as fragrant or as good.  And it is certainly nice to buy from someone who is doing what he can to keep bees going and educating people about them.




The whitewashing looks better today than it did yesterday.  It gets a little darker as it dries.  I hope to finish that tomorrow.


Fall has slipped by pretty fast.  The colors weren’t quite as beautiful as in other years and because of all the rain we have been having, the leaves are leaving the trees much earlier.   WHen I first got my sheep I used to go out in the pasture in the fall with my spinning wheel and sit under a colorful tree with them.  The  sun shinning down through the trees and the smell of the leaves, what a delightful and tranquil way to spend an afternoon.

 Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.