1 07 2017


We have had typical summer weather hot and cold.  I have had to have the heated mattress pad on the past several night.  We will be getting rain through the weekend. they expect 3 inches or more.  My son got the last 20 bales of hay in the bar last night.

I am picking bouquets of  Yarrow on the roadside  and drying them for winter bouquets


What a beautiful two days full of visits with friends and new and old customers.  Saturday started off raining and cleared to be one of the most beautiful days. Wisby clouds and slight breezes.  New England at its best.  Thank you Sandy for holding such a wonderful event.


some of my booth at the fest


This winter I had a terrible rat infestation.   Many other farmers in the area had the same problems.  I won’t use poison so got my handy-dandy have a heart trap out and these rats have gone to college and figured out if they flipped the trap over they could get out.  I invested in a much larger and very clever trap and it worked.
This morning I went out to see if there was anything in it and all I could see is white.   A closer look revealed 2 baby skunks.  Adorable and very welcome here at the farm.  I unlocked the cage and one went reluctantly out and got into a bucket turned sideways , had a moment where he couldn’t figure how to get out and then he walked away.  The other one took more time to get out, i got some food and he ran out and got the food and went back into the cage and ate it!!!!  He finally came out and I talked to him. I want him to get familiar with my voice so if he remains here he will not be afraid of me. He tried to charge me but only went a couple of inches,  Then he went under the chicken coop where I expect he was born.


I will make sure and see my neighbor who killed and trapped and released all skunks that were here.  Because of his actions I now have thousands of dollars worth of damage done by the rats.  They ate through my front siding and some walls.  He was worried about grubs in his lawn.  I was totally disturbed that people like him could trap and kill animals.  In Massachusetts the law states if you trap them you have to kill them.  I am going to check out the law and see if there is a law that will protect me from the likes of him.  This is the country life we have all sorts of animals here you can’t disturb the balance of nature.

Anyway I am glad to have them back and hope they will stay.


Lil took ballet lessons this year.  She loved it and practiced lots.



Lil is in the middle


Her name is Opal and she is an Olde English.   She is in the house for th time being as she has the sneezing illness and I am working on curing it.  She is sweet and loving and could be a companion for Emma if Em would let her.  But Emma likes being by herself.  That really doesn’t work around here!

Many thanks for reading my blog on this hazy summer day.   Carole







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19 07 2016



The lazy days of summer are upon us.   The humidity will be gone for a few days and gentle cooling breezes are here.  New families are in the yellow bird house and the nest over the barn door.  Mom’s and Dad’s are busy bring all sorts of goodies to the babies.  As I sit in the sheep yard last night enjoying the nice breeze leftover from the storm i hear their wonderful songs.




A friend gave me one plant many years ago.  Now I remove the seeds and  spread them farm from my house.  If anyone wants some seed I would be happy to send you some.  E-mail me.  It is a nice herb with wonderful leaves  for flower arranging and sweet flowers.  The seed pods smell of licorice.  Its a tall plant up to 3 feet and will spread like wildfire if it is happy.  



Beatrix and Prudence have settled in and Beatrix seems to have taken over the number one spot in the Flock and Prudence number two.  It may change several times before its settled.  It has been an interesting time with them.  Beatrix was always the low hen in her flock but once she arrived here she must have decided to stand up to all and take over.  The first thing she did was to go over to Hazel and peck him.   Hazel certainly wasn’t expecting that.  Things have calmed down and everyone is getting to know their place and the routine here on the farm.  They still have more changes coming.  This flock will be joining the front flock so I am adding to the yard in front and the dog houses will move there.  Hazel  Mrs. Brown and Emma will be staying behind in the yellow caravan and will winter inside .Although Emma will have her own cage as Mrs. Brown is so jealous of Hazel that she will peck on Emma if she is anywhere near. Mrs.Brown will put up with his philandering with the big birds but not birds her size.




An English phone booth right in the center of Rowe!  


On Saturday I did a sweet little fair in Rowe.  Rowe is a wonderful little town nestled in the  mountains with a  beautiful lake.    The fair was a wonderful place to bring your family with lots of things for everyone to do and great vendors.  Its the kind of town that I wish I lived in with a community feel.  In the afternoon there was someone  talking about owls in our area with several  different kinds with him.  It was so educational.


 And lo and behold last night while  putting the side yard chickens to be I heard the sound of an owl.  Be sure and put it on your calendar for next year.  It is not to be missed.  A bouncy house was there for the kids and a tractor pulling a cart with hay bales to sit on was there to gi ve you a tour around town.  Fire Departments were there showing their skills and Fire Works over the lake end the day.

Thanks goodness for cooler days this was Sammy yesterday


Many thanks for reading my blog on this delightful summer day.  Carole