25 09 2016


Last night there were frost warnings.  It missed us but the boys helped me bring in the pumpkins and lots of veggies and herbs from the garden.



















Yesterday was open house day at The Walker Homestead in Brookfield, Massachusetts.  I have wanted to go for some years now but things get busy for me in the fall and I just don’t take the time to do things that I want to do.  This year after being so sick I decided to do more things and make the time.    My small business is changing somewhat and I am doing more primitive things.  Next year while I will still run Whispering Pines Farm and still have all the things like soap , salve and wool I will also branch out  with an addition to the farm which will be called The 1850 Octagon House.  I am hoping to incorporate that with the Whispering Pines site.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day with a little crispness in the air.  The drive was spectacular through the hills of Brookfield, past The Salem Cross Inn where our annual hook-in will be in a month or so.  I arrived after the morning rush so there was room to park.  It was a  pleasant walk to the gate where I was cordially greeted by a women in Eighteen Century  attire.  Jacob sheep were in a field near the gate and the house and gardens were in front of me along with some vendors.






The house is a salt box my favorite style and painted a colonial red which is also my favorite.  Everyone there was so delightful.


There were several herb gardens each one well planned and filled with herbs and flowers.


I loved The Garden Shed which was filled with garden signs and herbs, hanging swags and other wonderful things.

img_7179The vendors were dotted around the house and in a back field.  It looked like there was a brisk morning business as a lot of their stock were depleted.  So many wonderful primitive antiques, hooked rugs and dried herbs for sale and even an old bath tub!


I hope you enjoyed my visit to the Homestead, I plan to go back for the December Open House.

Thank you so much for reading my blog on this chilly fall morning.  Carole





me vendors.


13 09 2016


Charlie the chipmunk enjoying all the acorns

Charlie the chipmunk enjoying all the acorns

Much cooler weather has been here for the past couple of days and it is welcomed.  Warm and humid is coming back and the pumpkins will continue to grow.



Cosmo came through his operation with flying colors and looks the picture of health.  The news from the pathology report was not good.  The tumor was cancer and a very aggressive kind.  He will have his stitches out on Friday and the Vet and I will talk about how things will go for him.  He is active and happy and that is all that matters .  We are on this path together and we will  enjoy each other for as long as we can.  He is such a sweet and interesting man.


This week I am supposed to be on Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire.  A place where I have gone many times and have enjoyed being 9 miles out to sea and the quietness of it.  Sadly I have the shingles and an acute respiratory infection.  In 2012 I had the Shingles shot.  At the time it was expensive and most insurances didn’t cover the cost.  One was lead to believe that it was a lifetime shot and would keep you from getting the shingles.  For those of you who believe that it is not true.  You have a 49 percent chance of getting them.  Now I still would get the shot but its sad that the medical community didn’t communicate this to everyone who got a shot.  I waited 2 weeks to go to the doctors.  I thought the rash was hives as I have been under some stress.  In these time we have to be pro active in everything we do.  Checking everything twice.  I am slowly getting better but it will take time.


I just can’t believe these pumpkins.  One is growing on the manure pile and I watch it increase in size everyday.  The large one near the backyard chickens must weight over 50 pounds, I will have to move it out of there with a sled.  These pumpkin seeds were from Baker Seeds.  Their seeds are great and all heirloom.  These seeds were a couple of years old.  The other seeds that I planted were a year or two old but not heirloom and none came up.  Even though they were organic seeds I think Baker Seed Company has a superior seed.

This pumpkin is very big, I have had to move it several times away from Mr. Peepers fence.

This pumpkin is very big, I have had to move it several times away from Mr. Peepers fence

The manure pile is a great place for a pumpkkin to grow!

The manure pile is a great place for a pumpkin to grow!


APEX ORCHARD opened a new store and  where its located is perfect.     The views look out to New Hampshire and Vermont.  I am looking forward to stopping bu and getting some of their wonderful peaches.


Many thanks for reading my blog on the lovely end of summer day.  Carole


3 09 2016



We need rain so badly , today there is a chance but it doesn’t look like it will happen.  Luckily the hay crops are good and garden still flourishes.


Cosmo’s lump has grown larger which is a huge concern for me.  Yesterday he went to Brookside  Animal Hospital and he stayed overnight there and is having surgery this morning.  With his FIV status these things happen.  I am very hopeful that he will be okay.  He really has been through a lot in his life and really hates being put in a carrier.  It was very generous of the clinic to keep him overnight at no cost to me.



The pumpkin is an amazing plant.  Watching the pumpkins form and grow is so interesting.  They change every day, growing larger and larger.  This year I used up all my pumpkin seeds and so now I really don’t know what kind is coming up.  They look like Cinderella ones.





My friend Patti visited recently and brought up more catnip which I am now drying and some wonderful turf and turf houses.  I will enjoy them this coming fall and winter.  I love the smell of a turf fire.  She visited with her two girls who are now integrated into the side yard flock.  SHe and her husband are moving to Ireland in the fall


If you live near the area and haven’t been you are missing a treat.  Goat Cheese and soap, maple products, fresh veggies, mushrooms, honey and herbal products, Lamb, duck and pork products, all my stuff  fresh home-made soups, farm fresh eggs and  so much more.There are always demo’s going on and many times samples of the products sold.  This week Jill Horton Lyons was spinning from a rabbit and I was rug hooking.  Come on down we are located in the alley way near Greenfields market  Every Tuesday from 1:30 to 6:30 rain or shine.




Her voice is so beautiful.  Haunting music on the cd The Book of Secrets.

Cosmo is home he will have to be quiet for a while.  He was very hungry and glad to be home.  He went around and around looking at everything and checking out his favorite spots.  I won’t get the results of the path for a few weeks.  I am hoping all will be well.  Glad to have him home when one is missing its not the same.  Thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful day. Carole

As you can see his arthritis is bothering him

As you can see his arthritis is bothering him


11 11 2014


What a long bout of illness, it does make one appreciate wellness.  Much of the trouble was caused by a medication which quickly caused me to loose all strength and fought an antibiotic that I needed.  Thankfully my regular family care physician saw what  was happening and I am  feeling so much better.  Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.


My son cleaned the wood stove and the pellet stove a few days ago and the house is cozy and warm.  Essential oils to helping my sinus infections are gently boiling on the stove and filling the house with a wonderful smell.


I especially enjoy sitting in my overstuffed chair in front of the stove and Owen gladly sits there when I am not in it.





I love making pumpkin pies from fresh cooked pumpkins and often have many containers of them in the freezer.  I have found the recipe from the one pie pumpkin can to be the best one to use and my pies always come out flavorful. 




Everyones rug is uniquely their own style and colors.  Each gal in class gave their rug their personal style.  I do so love teaching people this wonderful skill.  More classes to come  during the winter at Sheep and Shawl.









Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Cold weather is coming to us for the end of the week, I will be warm and comfortable in this old farmhouse.   Carole and Owen



21 10 2014


MOre rain is coming, I am feeling well enough to do some necessary things to get the outside chickens in.  I am hoping to get 3 chickens in today and leave the two new gals out  for a while more.   


I have been under the weather for a while now.  I have a digestive disease and have had it for some time.    For the most part life goes on with it but there are times when it rears its ugly head.  Lots of stress tends to bring on an attack.  I am in contact with my doctor and a medication was called in and when I went to pick it up last night at one of the few locally owned pharmacies left, the Pharmacist came out to tell me that the script was $450. for a one months supply.  I have been on the phone with the Nurse this morning and hopefully we can find something that is less expensive.  Our health care system is in shambles and has been for years. I remember when I worked in Maryland many seniors could not receive all the meds they needed each month because they couldn’t afford them.  Other countries manage quite well why can’t we?  A lot of it has to do with the drug companies with all their free lunches and trips and dinners out.  Both working in a community heath center and a mental health clinic I saw how they operated.  I was so proud of the community heath center, they would not accept free lunches ( which cost 250 and up and could be had from 5 different drug companies each week. the only thing they accepted from the drug companies was samples of medication.}


There are so many benefits to living in a small town.  One is a local newsletter available on the internet which lets you  know of the goings on in town.  I learned that the town has a grant for  a Foot Nurse.  SHe is available on Wednesdays and one needs to make an appointment.  I went a few weeks ago, and learned for the first time that I had flat feet.  No wonder I have been having problems.  I picked up the recommended supports and my feet are so much better.  She also told me about a product she makes up and recommends for keeping your feet fungus free.  One bottle of cheap listerine type mouthwash, a glass jar with a lid on it and some small cotton balls.   Fill the jar with cotton balls and then add the listerine.



 Use after baths or showers, just by patting the cotton balls all around your toes.  So easy to do with little cost.


Its wonderful to have them, they are so cute and full of life.  The run around constantly and Morticia calls them for new treats.  Today they had some clover and the noise from the room!  Mama was happy and so were they.



I think Peeps might be a Rooster what do you think Anne?



There is still time to get into the Primitive SUnflower class at Sheep and Shawl.  It will be this Saturday.  Also still time for the Hooking with yarn class too.  Call Liz to get a place in these classes.

As the leaves begin to fall and the chill gets in the air I look forward to the quiet time of the season.  Fall and Winter are quiet times at the farm.  Time to get inside projects done and my have time once again for my beloved rug hooking, spinning and sewing.  Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole