26 05 2015


Clouds and sun today with temps soaring near the 90’s.  I am going to plant some herbs before it gets too hot.


The show was great I think there was more people there  Something to see and do for every member of the family.  I saw so many old friends and co-workers and got rid of much of my weaving things.  Glad we had nice cool weather.



I am trying to get a head start on drying peppermint. Not only am I going to use it in teas but will use it in the chicken’s nesting boxes next winter.


Three of my friends brought me three wonderful and different presents while I was at the fair/.

Lisa of Spinners Hill Farm brought me this wonderful pottery cullender with a llama on it in memory of Elliott.. We both know farm loss all to well, she lost her faithful dog companion this spring.  Her Mom helped me with my first rug hooking.  We see each other about once a year but keep in touch through-out the year via internet.


I put this geranium in it till i can get it planted but plan to use it for draining fruit and herbs after washing them.  Just the right size for a quart of blueberries.  I have been collecting this pottery for years and love it.  I try to buy a few pieces every year this year it was plates.

My blogger friend Patti had another surprise for me.  Some caps for my Milk bottles.  I am so happy with them, what a great surprise.   SHe gets her milk delivered.  Its wonderful that in some communities that its still happening.


And last but not east my friend Susan of SUsan’s Home and Garden brought me some wonderful rose scented geraniums.    They are very hard to find and she usually has a few.  I will use the dried leaves in many things.  


To all a heartfelt thank you.


Yesterday morning I gathered the first bunch of peppermint.  Walking back to the stairs I spotted this lone Lilly of the Valley.My Great-Grandmother had some in her yard and I just loved the smell.  It was such a nice treat to find this one.


The year after I moved in here after trying to keep the hill mowed I started turning it all into bushes and flowers.  It has filed in nicely.  Last year I planted 2 lilac bushes which are doing well and the Bleeding Hearts love it here and are spreading.  I am always looking for things to fill in .  No lawn mowers and grass to contend with.  I do love the smell of a freshly cut lawn and sometimes wish I had some but then remember the mowing and am quickly glad that I don’t

Hope you have a wonderful day, many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




18 10 2012








Before I worked full-time I dried herbs and made all kinds of teas.  I am getting back to that now.  Of course I have to buy Lyons tea and bring back lots of it when I am in Ireland.  There is nothing like a cup of good Irish tea no matter which brand it is.  I have finished drying the spearmint and today I am putting it into tea bags.  The tea bags are very inexpensive and sure do make nice gifts.  They require an iron so I plan to also catch up on the little ironing I have to do too.


Today I spent most of the day plying yarn.  This is a small dent in the supply of spun yarn that I have.  Now I have to wind it and weight it.  Tomorrow Most of the day will be getting stuff packed up and ready to put in my car on Friday.  It’s a beautiful ride to Rhinebeck and I hope to get there mid afternoon to set up with my friend Susan.  If you are coming to the show look me up I will be with Susan Bates at her booth Sheep Frills.






We are going to have another cool night and the pellet stove in on and heating up the downstairs.    I talked with my friend Louise from Montreal tonight.  She is working on some fantastic hooked rugs.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day