14 06 2016


The heartfelt sorrow and sympathy to the people in Orlando is felt by all of America and the world..  The only question is are people willing now to do something about it.  I believe a group called the NRA is responsible for laws not being passed.  They frighten people by saying that the government will take away all your guns.  That is not the aim and more and more people are coming on board  with our way of thinking.  Why should people have automatic weapons which can shoot many rounds in a second.  What is the need for that.  If  the man in Orlando only had his pistol the death toll would be so much less.  We have to start somewhere let us start now.  If one of the people who died in this senseless event was your brother, sister, father, uncle,daughter or son you would feel different I can guarantee it.   

I really want my blog to be about uplifting things, I always want to share the good  and not so good things about my life on the farm.  Even the bad things here on the farm have meaning and purpose .  Today I felt I had to share my feelings about guns. I hope you will take this in the way it was intended. To be educational and  to see both sides of the this tragic event.



My parents Bill and Ann were the best parents in the world.  They gave me things money could never buy and these things have stayed with me my entire 69 years.  I can never repay them.  I was so lucky, not everyone gets good parents.  My friend, Francine and I were only children.  Our parents  doted on us and gave us a wonderful life.  We had each other to share things with.  We still keep in touch to this day.  Our love of gardening and animals remains with us too.


The garden in my childhood home was made of love.  My Grandfather and Uncle Roger took a hilly area in back, brought back stones from old ancestral homes and built a stone wall and steps and a stone walkway.  Much cow manure was brought back in our sedan (a stinky ride) from the family farm in Chesterfield.  My Grandfather built a large sifter and all the dirt in the back was sifted and every rock thrown into a pile .  It was a sight to behold. 

When I was around 5 my parents allotted me a space in the middle of the garden for me to grow anything I wanted.  I was a kid in heaven.  It was about 5 feet X 10 feet.   I planted so many things in that garden.  Built walkways with treasured rocks brought from afar.  Worked  and helped my parents plant things.  I planted beans and cukes, radishes and a shrub.  I fenced in my space, the things that garden taught me.  I watched seeds sprout and picked the things that I planted.

One fall day we all packed up and went to Eastern State Exposition.  We did this every year,   We walked and walked through barns of animals, jars of put up foods and the state houses.  We were in the Maine state house where they were giving out Christmas Trees.  I got one and planted it in my garden.  I believe it was a blue Spruce.  I watched it grow and it grew into a wonderful tree.  Years later my Mom said its time to cut the tree, she was thinking of moving to Florida.   I didn’t want to do it but it had to be done. Tears flowed, memories came flooding back of my wonderful childhood and the sadness that I would not be able to come home anymore.  The tree looked beautiful and it was the best tree we ever had.  So full and round and straight. 

The house got sold and is not being taken care of, I wish it was still in our family.  A simple small house in a developement but the stone walls hold such memories which will always be with me.


I have gardened almost every place I have lived.  My love of it has not faded although its harder and harder for me to keep up. Darn Jewel weed!!!!!!  My love of animals has never faded either.  My parents gave me so much.  If you have a grandchild, son or daughter give them a small piece of your garden.  It will thrill them and give them a lifelong love of gardening and being self-sufficient.  What a gift to give a child.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole