29 12 2014


A wonderful CHristmas was had here on the farm with most family members here, Tea’ and her father were sick with the flu so they stayed home.  It has been a while since the whole family had gotten together. The day after CHristmas I came down with the horrible flu.  It has been going around in the central and eastern part of the state, closing schools in its wake.  I am much better now and went down toGreenfield’s co-op and got some immune boosters.  My immune system needs boosting from the last bout of sickness I had.  I hope my flu shot will cover me for other things that go around.  I have been lucky to have Chris helping me and my son getting me things to drink at the store.


There was a brisk wind today on the Greenfield Platform.  The train was a little late in coming.  I got there about a half hour early and there were only a couple of people there, close to the arrival time the numbers swelled and there was hardly room to stand.


 It came through the small tunnel sounding it horn and the crowd roared. There still are many diehard train lovers here.


The train was sold out with many people taking the last train to Amherst yesterday and the first train from Greenfield today.


 In retrospect I wish I had done that.   I would like to take the train to Noho once a month.  Even if I don’t have errands to do it would be a welcome change to my routine and I could even meet a friend there, How about it Patti? The ride to Northampton is only around $6.00  roundtrip (so a friendly train lover told me) and there is time to get a lunch and do a little shopping before getting the next one back.  The ride winding around the river will be spectacular.


Sam is a lot like my old Sammy, No one but himself slept in the kitty hut now I find the new Sammy in it happy as a clam to find a quiet spot.


Chris bought a toy for his cat but Lilly Pad didn’t like it, Sam got right into it.


Matilda has been busy laying an egg every day.  I have been getting more eggs lately Yea!


Many thanks for reading my blog on this cooling winters day.  I hope you have a lovely day.   Carole