4 04 2018


  The pussy willow tree is in full bloom  We had some snow showers yesterday an rain today.  Looking forward to planting some peas soon.


I am now on my medication to treat babesia microti.  It seems my whole day now is spent taking medications.  In 3 months I should be free of all this and get back to a normal life.  I am so grateful for Northampton integrated Medicine without them I would have not found out about the disease or be treated.  It seems that this disease is spreading all over Massachusetts.  I will be spraying pyrthium on my clothes to make sure I don’t get bit again.

It’s a bright yellow in color and chalk  would taste so much better but its here and it should make all those little creatures in my red blood cells die so its worth it.



My friend Debbie called to tell me my Cousin Bill Bisbee passed away.  I last saw him a few years ago.  The Bisbee’s were an old Chesterfield Massachusetts family settling there in the 1700’s.  My Dad spent most summers helping  his cousins bring in the hay. His winter holidays from the Holyoke schools were spent sliding down the many hills in Chesterfield. 

I still love going to Chesterfield, my Grandfather and many family members are buried there and I love  picking blueberries every summer at my cousin’s blueberry fields..  The memories of those wonderful days in Chesterfield are cherished by me, I was such a lucky child.   


The sheep have done well over the winter and they were sheared by Aaron last Thursday.  He is an expert shearer and they were done in less than an hour.  Glad that its done before the warm weather hits



I plan to make some small willow baskets similar to the one I bought in Ireland for shows this year.  I have a small supply of willow I bought some years ago to get me started and cut what I grew some years ago to add to that when its dry.  I think next years willow crop will be better.

I made this soaking tub with a gutter.  It will work out well.

Many thanks for reading my blog an I hope you have a lovely day.



12 04 2017


I am back after a long absence.  Feeling more like my old self again.  I am now taking a yoga class which is helping me so much.  Spring has sprung and tulips are coming up .  Today temps will be in the 80’s!!!!!!  The Farmers market starts in Greenfield the first week of May so I am busy getting ready for that..



Egg production this winter has been good, but recently has slacked off.  The new girl Molly should still be laying  but no eggs were found.   Morticia the black bantam slept high up on a shelf all winter long.  So yesterday while cleaning the coop I decided to check the space and give it a clean and lo and behold I found all these eggs!

I will be check this spot every day now.


The sheep have been shorn and look good.  My shearer Steve is retiring  so I have gotten a new shearer Aaron Loux for next year.    We are both on The Massachusetts Sheep Breeders Board.








It’s pea planting time here on the farm.  I had them soaking for 24 hours and now they are going in the ground.  I plant to put another packet in soon.   The hot peppers and basil are doing well and I plan to repot them soon.   My regular supplier of veggie starts is taking a year off and I will miss all the heirloom starts she had.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful spring day.    Carole






17 04 2016


Cool nights and warm days , just my kind of weather. Cleaning up brush and cutting up fallen branches has kept me busy this last week.  I see buds on some of the early tulips and others are peeking out of the ground.  The spring birds are back and I love hearing their cheerful songs.  A person in the neighborhood is trapping  and releasing all the skunks because they are digging up his yard.  I am sure he has gotten Cornelius as I have not seen him. Our neighborhood needs skunks to keep the rodent population down.  i am ever hopeful that Cornelius will find his way back.


Maude has had a few setbacks and is on antibiotics again.    Shearing day took a lot out of her and now I am giving her  added minerals and sheep drench.  My Shearer Steve Marcotte did a wonderful job with her.   Shearing her in her pen so she wouldn’t have added stress.  It will take her a while to recover from this.  How do you like her poodle cut?IMG_6637

Lauren and I had to separate her from the rest of the flock when we saw the sheep doing their spring ritual ramming each other..  Of course this happened at 9 pm!!

The rest of the sheep did well with shearing and look good.  They are now not receiving grain much to their chagrin.

Steve has been my shearer for at least 15 years.  He raises sheep himself and has wonderful fleeces.  I am lucky to have found him after going through shearers who didn’t show up (really famous one) and others that were too busy even though you were on their schedule.  Steve always comes and does a great job I am grateful to have found him.


It seems its taken me forever to get these peas in the ground.  WHen I first wanted to get them in I uncovered the area and it was still frozen.    I have soaked them and in they go today.



It seems it’s not quite the time to start another batch of hot pepper salve but I have run out.  I only could find a pound and a quarter of hot peppers and am looking for more.  Another 2 pounds would be good.  I found this salve to work well.  It’s not the sudden action of most pain relieving salves but it does the trick of releiving my arthritis pain. add peppermint oil at the end for a pleasant order.  I love the fact that I know exactly what is in it and its a lot cheaper than most brands of pain relieving salves.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you are enjoying a lovely spring day wherever you are.  Carole






13 12 2014


Bitter cold, then snow and sleet and then rain.  Today was calm and it will be warmer for a few days.

Sam said time to through another log on

Sam said time to through another log on


Just after putting the hay in the feeder and getting fresh water Elliott went to the door and was starring into the forest.  His keen sense of hearing warned him something was there.  He stood in the doorway blocking it and Sally and Lucy wanted to go out.  They had to wait for the all clear from Elliott.  I consider myself so lucky to have him.  The protector watching over his flock.



I got an e-mail from one of my students yesterday with a picture of her finished piece.  Its so beautiful.  I can’s wait to see her next project.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you had a wonderful day.


6 11 2013


On Sunday coming home from the show I drove by my family homestead..  I was glad to see the house and it reminded me of the sense of security, the years of family gatherings and love that the house held..  It was a simple 5 room ranch house build for returning soldiers from World War 2.  A small development of 4 and 5 room homes built on old farmland.  I often wish my Mother had not sold it, but she was living in Florida and felt the need to do so.  Much had been done to the house by my family, a garage and sun porch added with a stone patio with a rock with a  dinosaur print in it., stone walls build by my Uncle and my Grandfather, a large garden area build above the stone wall and every bit  of dirt was sifted and all rocks removed by my Grandfather.  Every year manure was brought from the farm in Chesterfield and dug into the soil.    I had my first garden at age 5 there.  I planted a Christmas tree there from the farm, which was enjoyed many years later, lots of cucumbers which had always been my favorite vegetable and flowers.  Our garden was very large and the cellar was always full of canned fruits and vegetables. Sometimes its good to visit the place where you grew up, remembering all the wonderful times there and family that is now gone, and taking the time to appreciate what I have now.

The Hens,

Winter approaches It’s hard for the hens to get use to the time change.  The hens are just waking up when I feed them.  Even Elliott just doesn’t want to eat that early.  The water pipes to the barn froze and thawed yesterday.  A warning to me that the winter routine is in full force.  It requires 4 trips up and down the stairs when water is needed, 2 to get it on and 2 to shut it off and drain it.  It’s certainly worth it.  Before I used to have to connect a 25 foot hose to the sink and drag the hose upstairs. Cold air sweeping in the house as the door had to be left ajar.  Small changes like that make life easier at the farm.  There was an egg laid today,


I think it was Lucy who laid it.  Yea!!!!!!!!

Last night I took a picture of Sally, really it wasn’t all that cold in the coop but she had puffed herself up just in case.



  She is 12 years old, one of the first hens I got.  She has minded her own business, got away from disagreements and never was on the top of the pecking order, she is a middle of the road gal.


Hazel and I made the trip to Dr. Connor this afternoon.  She and the staff felt he was improved, one side of his chest is cleared up but the other still has some infection in it.  He will be on antibiotics for another 2 weeks.  He is eating better now so I know he on the road to recovery. 


He will be in the house for The Crafts of Colrain,  the large cat carrier sits on the kitchen table.  He will like all the activity and people will be surprised to see a rooster in the house.   I am going to start letting him out for periods starting next week.    Anyway I am glad of the good news.  Mrs. Brown has been lonely and will be glad to see him.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.