21 01 2017







We have had more snow and warmer weather but still not enough to melt the ice that is outside the barn door.  Maybe this coming week with temps in the 40’s it will happen.  


Willie the elusive Baby and Shorty resting on the sofa

Willie, Shorty and a good shot of the elusive Baby aka Marion


Both had had an appointment at the vets.  Willie was quite the ham and loved all the attention given by the Vet and the Vet Techs.  Shorty on the other hand hated the whole ordeal and screamed and snarled which is so unlike him. When animals get older one has to make decisions for them.    Shorty is almost 20 and is entering into kidney failure.  The vet suggested he be on the kidney food and so far I have not done anything about it.   It would mean moving him to his own room and away from everyone else.  He enjoys his life with his friends.  Morning naps on the sofa and afternoons spent eating and relaxing on my bed.  I see taking him away from all this and him going down hill very fast.  I am giving myself a little time thinking about this and would appreciate input from other older cat owners.  Willie is being treated for his respiratory problems that he has had ever since he came here.  He will be on antibiotics for a time and then he is scheduled for a dental procedure.

Because of his age Shorty isn’t taking care of his fur as well as he should, so constant combing and brushing is called for.  At the doctors they had a battery operated  mustache/beard trimmer and off came the mats that I had spent so much time on .  I will be getting one of these soon.




I love making bread and have been doing it since my children were young.  I just learned a new tip.  I use normal  bread pans and my bread never seems to look like the pictures .  In looking up bread recipes on the King Arthur Four site I found that using a smaller pan will cause the bread to rise higher in the pans thus the beautiful large loaves!!!!!  Learn something new every day.  I will be looking for slightly smaller pans soon.

I am planning to start my hyacinths today.  Looking forward to the sights and smells of spring soon.  The chickens have enjoyed going out most days this winter, which is great for them. Many thanks for reading my blog today and for all the kind comments.  I really appreciate them..  Carole



28 11 2012


We didn’t get any snow to speak of although for a while it looked like it was going to add up.


I felt like making some bread today.  This is my favorite bread recipe .  I made a Poppy Seed Braid and a Cinnamon Raisin  Bread.  Both came out good.







Shorty went to the vets today.  He will have to go back at a later date for a dental cleaning but otherwise he is in good shape for 15  He was very upset at going but loved the treats he got when his check-up and shots were done.  He needs to rest on his favorite pillow for the rest of the day.  Traveling is so tiring!!


This is a picture of the carpeting at the hotel.  It would make a wonderful abstract hooked rug.




Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.      Carole





29 09 2012


On Thursday we had a Farm To Fiber Meeting.  The final touches on the vendor applications were made and they will be going out in the mail and via e-mail shortly.  For anyone who wants to become a vendor at this wonderful fiber event please e-mail me at and I will be sure that you receive an application.


It is with a broken heart I let you know of the passing of Ernest Dodge.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I am sure is with his beloved Ethel.  We at the farm will miss him more than words can tell.  Today we buried him on the hill where the garden was this year.  My friend Susan suggested a bench and I think I will get one.  It will be a nice place to sit and take a break from the garden chores.  I did plant some hyacinths they will be nice in the spring.


Today I am making Corn Relish.  It’s a birthday present for my son-in-law Rick.   When I gave him the Chopped Suey Pickles he commented how much he liked spicy corn relish so I have added one hot pepper to the recipe.    This is the end of the season corn and I think the liquid wouldn’t have been so milky if I had done it earlier in the season.  It tastes great and it is hot!!!!!!!!


I also made bread today.  I am hoping to make a batch once a week.    It came out good.  Nothing smells better than bread baking in the oven.   My friend Francine said that she makes the dough in the bread machine and finishes it in the oven.  That would be a lot easier and I think that I will try it next time.

Tomorrow I am going to our local ATHA meeting and lunch.  I am going to bring my cats and pumpkin project.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog.