28 04 2015



Another nice spring day today.  The robins are out digging for worms and the CHipmunks are busy making new tunnels and collecting food.  Lots of people don’t like them, I have had a fondness for them since I was a child.  So I enjoy their antics.


Yesterday I made a double batch of Calendula soap.  I have three more different kinds of soap to make, Oatmeal, Summer Rose,  and the Basil/Lime gardening soap.  The making of soap is a time-consuming process.  Just setting up take about 45 minutes.





 I started yesterday at 7:30 and finished cleaning up after 1.   It has cooled off overnight and cutting it is the next step, then it will sit and cure for 3 weeks or more.  

I am hoping to sell some on my Facebook page this year.


I have raked up and seeded part of the chicken yard in front.  Now all we need is some good rain which is supposed to come at the end of the week.


I still have manure to get rid of in spite of giving 2 truck loads away.  I will be cleaning the barn during the weekend but there won’t be too much then.

 I want to get the chickens in the house out soon but there is a big clean up from the fallen tree and I need to move some fencing.  I think that I will plan on doing that this coming weekend when the temps are suppose to go to about 70.   


Whenever in Claire, Ireland Cindy and I always went to Doolin Pottery.  The cottage and shop was old  and well taken care of, and samples of the pottery that was available was put out on the old stone wall.  One year we went there and someone else was living there we were so disappointed and found out that she had moved to Australia.  I love this sweet little wall vase and have it in my bathroom always filled with flowers.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole

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26 04 2015


Sammy taking it easy

Sammy taking it easy

Chris and I have been busy, the barn is totally cleaned and their drinking water is now outside making chores easier.  Some of the fallen tree wood and branches are in piles, part of the front hens yard is ready for clover planting and the clothes line is back up.  These are among the many things that got done with Chris here.  He also made me a new Whispering Pines  Farm Facebook store page which I will be working on.


Even though winter is (hopefully) over its time for me to start preparing for next winter.  All the limbs and sticks that have fallen during this past winter need to be cut and put into bags for kindling for next winter.  I am hoping to burn wood and pellets during the day and oil at night next winter.  This year I went through about 20 bags of kindling.  I know I will need more this coming winter.  Nothing on the property gets wasted.



Yesterday I planted two different varieties of peas.  One is a snow pea and the other is regular pod peas.  I am changing the gardens around this year and the peas were planted on the fencing that I had planted tomatoes before.  For the past two years the tomatoes have not been doing that well and I have had to buy tomatoes for freezing.  So this year peas will go along the fence.  The end of May I will be planting Cucumbers along the fence and by the time they start climbing I should have picked all the peas.  I hope to freeze most of the peas for good winter stews and soups.

Cindy came last night and She and Chris left this morning.  He will be back in the summer  I ll miss him


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  I leave you today with some more shearing pictures.

Lil had a wonderful time at shearing day

Lil had a wonderful time at shearing day



23 04 2015


Yesterday was a wild day with warmth and sunshine early on to heavy rains and high winds when we started shearing.  Then cold.  Today its sunny but cold and windy with snow showers and some rain showers in the afternoon.






Steve and Chris did a wonderful job.  CHris learning new techniques like moving and flipping a large sheep and giving Steve lots of help.


Firs was Marley, we may have to do him twice a year certainly his nails got long this year so I will have to do them in the summer and maybe give him a trim at that time.  His fleece was very long.  We put him outside when he was done and onto the next which was Carol K. , then Maude, Lucy and then Sally was last.

Litte Marley

Little Marley




Lil and her Mom and two brothers came over, she entertained us by singing Baa Baa Blacksheep!

Many thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



20 04 2015


Rain rain and more rain for the week.  The sheep are inside till the shearing.



And the spring flowers will be popping up everywhere. Thanks to my Son and Daughter in law who took care of Elliott yesterday.



He has already worked in the barn, is making the front chicken area bigger and cutting some branches which were on the porch roof.  Tomorrow will be barn cleaning.  I know he will catch me up on all the things I intended to do while I was sick. Yea!


I was able to pick up a bag of chicken scraps yesterday.  Bok Choy, herbs and cabbage.  I cooked them up a little and they will be enjoyed today for snack.


Many thanks for all your kind and thoughtful comments about Elliott.  Each will be answered soon.  Carole





19 04 2015




Last night was a beautiful starry night and Elliott passed away.  It was such a blessing and he was in his barn with his sheep.  Today we buried him and the sheep got to say their goodbyes.  Marley spent the most time with him smelling him and looking, their protector is gone.   Everything will change about the herd now, it will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate and tries to take Elliott’s place.

Last years sheraing

Last years shearing


I was very disappointed in my Vet who is not local but practices in another state..  When I called him Thursday he said he was too busy to come and would be here on MOnday.  Compassion must not be important in that group.  They have been here for the sheep and Elliott before, I would never recommend this group to anyone. 

When living in Belchertown I went to Mill Valley Vets .  Dr. Morcum was my vet.  He is a compassion and loving person who cares deeply about the welfare of animals.  Everyone who works at the clinic is kind and caring.  My friend Renee has worked there for years.  I wish I lived closer so I could still go there.

I will be looking for a new vet and will make sure that if there is an emergency they will come.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  So many changes ont he farm this past year, I hope that this is it for a while.  Carole