25 02 2019


The winds are howling today, the sheep will be staying in until this afternoon when its suppose to be less windy.  We have had a wild winter so far.                            

 My health is slowly improving, I have been on the meds for more than a week and am coughing less and breathing better.  Yea.  Thank you Michelle at Northampton integrated Medicine.     The new  (to me) pellet stove is working great, keeping the house cozy.


I spun this wool in the late 80’s  with the intent of making a Scandinavian reindeer sweater.  I still want to make one.  I loved the colors and decided to make something with the yarn.  One can never have enough mittens.


Shearing Day

March 6th is my shearing day.  When i made the date it seemed so far away.



I have gotten some seed catalogs and picked out trees and seeds to order.  I do want to get more cover trees for the birds.  We seem to have so many cats now in the neighborhood..   Some hemlocks and spruce and The Greenfield Farmers Cooperative had some miniature pines that would work for the front yard.

For years I have wanted a hoop house and online I saw the perfect one.   Ricky said he would help me install one or two on the back hill.  Perfect solution for a hill which is hard to walk on. I may incorporate the area for the chickens. The quality of the picture isn’t that great  but you can see how they are built into the hill and easily made out of cattle paneling and plastic.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this windy day.  Carole




17 02 2019


An almost full moon shines into the woods and barn tonight.  Making long shadows in the woods.  After a warm day we will be having colder temps tonight. 




What a surprise when I opened this years Christmas present from my Cousin Gary.  MY favorite Sheep show has always been the Maryland show.  It’s the biggest and most exciting show.  I was a vendor for many years and miss it so.   The group of people who put on the show are accommodating and so nice.  My Cousin always helped me at this show, he lives about an hour and one half away.  We got T-shirts every year.  This year I got this wonderful quilt with lots of memory T-shirt pictures.  It’s a treasure.


20190214_131110_HDR (1).jpg








I have been asking the universe for a few more cats, it has been sort of empty with only two cats here.   I spotted an ad on Facebook about the Inky brothers.  Two three-legged cats that were mostly feral that needed a home.  They were sitting in a cage for some months  in Rhode Island with two adoptions that fell through.  I talked it over with my Grandson, Ricky and came to the conclusion that I could take them in.  I have a small sunny bedroom with two windows that overlook a bird fly-way.    With help from Gayl, Genevieve,, and Dr. Annette Rauch they are now here safe and happy.

I am hoping that eventually they will come to trust me but am giving them some space to get adjusted.  I will eventually spend time in the room  and i talk to them every time I go into the room so they will know me..  There are dozens of nose prints on the windows so I know they are watching bird tv every day.  PAAWSRI did a wonderful job with them giving them all the time they needed to find a new home  Thank you .

Moxie came to me as a 8-year-old cat who had been with the same person his whole life.  The gentleman needed to move in with a family member who was allergic to cats.    He has had a bit of a tough time adjusting here.  He was quite mad  at me and wouldn’t look at me for days.  He has been in my downstairs bedroom  but because he has weight issues I don’t know when I will put him with Sam and Willie.  He is such a sweet boy and know he will fit in nicely here.





An article caught my eye on Instagram and I develed into it further.  At the least to say I was shocked but not surprised ro find out that our own government may be responsible for the tick outbreak.

Dr. Ken liegner had this to say about Lyme:  In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine.. because elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease. 

I know this to be true because the clinic I go to many of the doctors have told me so, I have been laughed at, told I never had the disease ect.  He is  reveling  his secret role in developing bug born biological weapons. I am going to buy the book BITTEN The secret history of lyme disease and biological weapons.  300,000 Americans are affected with Lyme disease each year.  This book devels into Willy Burgdorfer the man who discovered the microbe    The author believes that it was an experiment gone wrong.

This disease is in epidemic proportions and has affected so many people.  It has taken their life away.  Only if you are lucky enough to have Doctors that know this disease know how to treat it can you ever hope to get some resemblances of your old life back.

I have been sick again since October.  Through blood work taken at Integrated Medicine I have a very high level of mycoplasma.  Which means that I will be under treatment for the next month .  It is an interesting disease as it has no cell covering so I have to take one medicine which encapsulates it so the two antibiotics that I will be taking will work.  I am also taking an immune booster to try to improve my health.


 I have so many wonderful birds coming to the feeding station.  Lots of cardinals, Mourning Doves, all kinds of Woodpeckers, and so many more.    The cats are enjoying wild bird tv.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this clear moonlight night.


















13 01 2019


  It is bitter cold day, the wind whips down the mountain and throught the barn.  Every once in a while in this old farmhouse breezes flow through the house.  Curtains are drawn to keep the warmth in.  Layers are worn and books read.


I have been dyeing with black walnut hulls for years.  This year i wondered where I would get some.  Then a sign appearedon the main street of my town, free walnuts and I investigated.  The woman has 2 trees and they were loaded.   I now have a 50  pound feed bag full of dried walnut hulls.


 I bought a coffee grinder and am grinding them up.  It seems that people  are getting back into natural dyeing but want the convience of having the dye near ready for them.   I will package it  up into 4 and 8 ounce jars and sell it online and at shows.  I have always want to do more with natural dyeing and hope to do some madder this year too.  

I am going to plant some of the seeds and sell some of the trees at farmers market too.


Every year I have a few chickens in and of course Helen is in every winter.  This year Charolette is in.  She is a delightful hen who always heard me coming out to fed them and jumped up to the window.  The past few days she has not been herself.  She has not jumped up onto the perch to sleep and today just stood there ruffled up.   I brought her in and she is thin,  All the food she has been eating has gone to keeping her warm.


I do think as in all animals there is indiscriminate breeding.  People just don’t have the understanding or the skill to know that some hens are not able to take extreme cold. 

She has had a dose of poultry drench, some yogurt and mealy worms, and chicken food and is now enjoying some warm oatmeal.  Who knows how this will go but it looks like she has a fighting chance of survival.  She is talking up a storm.  Sammy the cat has already inspected her and approved.  He rather likes chicken watching.  A neightbors cat comes almost every day and jumps onto the fence and then to the window box and watches the chickens.  I guess he missed chicken watching when they came in for the winter and has found their new home.



I was looking through my bookcases for something to read today and this book popped out.  It has never been read, probably picked up on a trip to  Ireland in the early 2000’s.    It’s called A COUNTRY LIFE-At Home in the English Countryside by Sir Roy Strong.                

The First chapter describes the house and the things that are he and his wife’s loves.  Its full of artistic clutter, books rambling from one room to another geraniums and other plants doted everywhere spending  their winter inside and last but not least two cats who have the run of the place and no expense or ancient wooden doors were spared for their exit to the gardens.    It sounds a little like my house although my cats aren’t allowed outside.  Missing the sheep and chickens but i imagine they will play a part in the book somewhere.  

I am glad that I put this book away, for now was the perfect time to read it.  He worte the book in 1994 but added a postscript to the book (2002) which I am now reading   He was lamenting about the Hoof and Mouth disease outbreak and how the fields and meadows were empty.  It was a horrific tragedy but the fields and meadows are now filled with Sheep and Cattle again.

I hope you are all snuggled in your warm houses.  All the best.


SALLY                                         SAM IN HIS HUT ON THE RADIATOR


7 01 2019



I have missed blogging and my readers so much.  I have been down to an IPad for many months now and finally got another computer which is now up and running thanks to Ricky.  In trying to get it up and running, Staples told us twice to throw a hardly used, 3 year old Dell computer away.  But Ricky was determined and all that was wrong with it was the charging cord.  It does pay to be persistant.


Wow, what a bad year for the garden.  I planted cucumbers, and pumpkins three times and they never grew, too much rain.  I was able to harvest few tomatoes and some string beans.  The one watermelon plant that I planted produced 8 small watermelons..  I did make some pickles but they were soft and i ended up mulching them.  The cukes that I bought would mold overnight.  The garlic and raspberries were great this year luckily.




My hazelnut tree produced two nuts.  Global warming is here to stay.



I have been longing for another Border Leicester sheep since Sadie passed away some years ago.  I love them and they were my first flock of sheep  A friend of mine had what she called a naughty sheep.  Gretel kept looking for greener pastures and finally had to be put into stonger fencing away from her friends.  She asked if I wanted her and despite my age and infermities I agreed.  

I was worried that she might not fit in.  My sheep have been a herd for quite sometime and sheep sometimes give a new sheep a run for their money.    Everything went fine and she is so happy here with her friends.  We are a motly crew here with two old dark sheep who are afraid of their own shadows, Carol K who can be a little naughty and Maude who has only one eye.  I am so glad that I got her.   Her Curly locked wool is sold o Camp Wool in Kennebunk, Maine.

The past year has been a stuggle with lyme, real bad gardening weather and tradegies but the New Year is bright with anticipation of travels with family, better gardening , spinning and rug hooking with friends and many adventures.  Hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year.






4 04 2018


  The pussy willow tree is in full bloom  We had some snow showers yesterday an rain today.  Looking forward to planting some peas soon.


I am now on my medication to treat babesia microti.  It seems my whole day now is spent taking medications.  In 3 months I should be free of all this and get back to a normal life.  I am so grateful for Northampton integrated Medicine without them I would have not found out about the disease or be treated.  It seems that this disease is spreading all over Massachusetts.  I will be spraying pyrthium on my clothes to make sure I don’t get bit again.

It’s a bright yellow in color and chalk  would taste so much better but its here and it should make all those little creatures in my red blood cells die so its worth it.



My friend Debbie called to tell me my Cousin Bill Bisbee passed away.  I last saw him a few years ago.  The Bisbee’s were an old Chesterfield Massachusetts family settling there in the 1700’s.  My Dad spent most summers helping  his cousins bring in the hay. His winter holidays from the Holyoke schools were spent sliding down the many hills in Chesterfield. 

I still love going to Chesterfield, my Grandfather and many family members are buried there and I love  picking blueberries every summer at my cousin’s blueberry fields..  The memories of those wonderful days in Chesterfield are cherished by me, I was such a lucky child.   


The sheep have done well over the winter and they were sheared by Aaron last Thursday.  He is an expert shearer and they were done in less than an hour.  Glad that its done before the warm weather hits



I plan to make some small willow baskets similar to the one I bought in Ireland for shows this year.  I have a small supply of willow I bought some years ago to get me started and cut what I grew some years ago to add to that when its dry.  I think next years willow crop will be better.

I made this soaking tub with a gutter.  It will work out well.

Many thanks for reading my blog an I hope you have a lovely day.